Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pursuing Christ-glorifying priorities

At the beginning of the year about the time I (re)started blogging, I was thinking about priorities and how they contribute to excellence.  Funny how certain things continually resurface.  After a few hiccups, I think things are finally starting to fall in order again here at our little home, but it's crazy how easy it is for things to get out of hand (sin and the second law of thermodynamics in action, I guess).

When it comes to priorities and managing my home wisely, I think the difficulty lies in the fact that too often, what ought to be done at a given moment is really not what I want to do at that moment. But yet, if I want to keep things moving in the right direction I need to keep my priorities in line with what God would have for me, and consistently choose the right "next thing" to do.  Persevering in choosing the right "next thing" can be hard for me, especially if that "next thing" is to clean the tub, or to start dinner when I'd really rather have some computer time.

I originally had high hopes for multiple posts a week here at Excellence, Etc., but I'm afraid if dinner won't be ready on time, or my home is not orderly, or my son needs attention I can't really glorify God by sitting down to write.  It's just a hobby for me, so it falls pretty low on the priorities list.

In their proper place, I believe that some hobbies can be Christ-glorifying, refreshing, and edifying, but how do you  fit hobbies and things you enjoy into your already full day?

I've been trying to be more efficient at keeping my house clean (which is the biggest time sink/area of avoidance for me) as well as planning further ahead by starting dinner early in the afternoon.  This way, when Baby sleeps longer, or I somehow have some "extra" time, I'm caught up on the essentials and can sit down at the computer and have some time to write without having neglected my higher priorities.
Have you found any ways to be more efficient so you can have time to do some "optional" but enjoyable activities?  I'd love to hear any other ideas about how you keep your priorities in order!

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