Friday, April 5, 2013

living life at home

This week has been full of many little things, getting back from our visit to New Mexico, fighting colds, switching to two-naps-a-day for the little one, and starting a spring cleaning challenge, to name a few.  Oh right, and then there was Easter too.  It's been a good week, I just haven't had time to prepare the post I was hoping to.
time at the zoo with Nana and Papa!

My friend Tifo and I have been planing on doing a cleaning challenge for some time, and we finally started this week.   So instead of gaining more head knowledge and blogging about it, I am (hopefully) gaining a cleaner home.  It's been a real challenge for me to try and fit in the extra cleaning projects-- our home needs them done so bad, but it seems like I'm doing well most weeks if all the laundry is put away and the floors vacuumed.  After yesterday, the fridge looks much better though!

look! I have teeth!
As you can see, Baby now has teeth!  When we were in New Mexico, he got to meet our favorite dentist, and dare I say it, he even liked the office. Maybe he'll be a dentist when he grows up ;).  

Next week I hope to write a post about caring for baby teeth... there are so many varying and different opinions on the web, but like usual, we will look at what the available evidence has to say. 

Have a happy weekend!


mary said...

Hope you had a good time visiting your parents! Love the new look of your blog!

Rebecca said...

thanks! We had a really nice time visiting my parents, and my sisters where even on Spring Break so we got to enjoy their company too.