Monday, January 21, 2013

Priorities.... and the home

In continuing to think about priorities, I’m reminded about the need for excellence.  Without excellence, it would be all too easy to float through life thinking of priorities as a sort checklist to complete each day.  I’m particularly convicted of the need for excellence when it comes to caring for my home.  I can think of caring for my home as a duty that must get done (speaking of which, I must vacuum today, the floors are nasty!), or I can choose to think of caring for my home as a privilege and part of my vocation as a wife.  If we adopt the later view, taking care of our homes can become a joy which will in turn bless others. 

When we view caring for our homes as a priority and we think of carrying out this duty as a joy and privilege it is easier to excel at taking care of the home.  It is important to take care of the home whole-heartedly, as if we were taking care of our homes for Christ (Col 3:23). 

Perhaps one way to excel at taking care of the home is to not simply keep the home tidy and clean, but to pay attention to the little things that contribute to making a house a home.  When we think of tending to our homes, do we think about what would make our home welcoming? Perhaps yummy scents? A light left on in a corner, or the porch?  Of course, if we have toys strewn over the floor and laundry occupying most of the couch, tidying the home would take priority.  But, if excellence is our goal, we must not settle for a home that is simply tidy.  What are some ways you prioritize your home?

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